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Cebu Movement for the disbandment of vigilantes  


(Ruben's dedication to Myrna behind the photo)

March 10, 1988

My dear sister Myrna

Here I am representing the Cebu Movement for the disbandment of vigilantes and BISIG-Cebu, denouncing the US sponsored Cory endorsed vigilantes on a Human Rights Day rally sponsored by the Cebu Movement for Civil Liberties and People's Welfare.

The rally was held three months ago last December 10, 1987 at Colon St., Cebu City, Philippines.

So please spread the message to fellow Americans and American-based Filipinos including your beloved husband: STOP U.S. INTERVENTION IN PHILIPPINE AFFAIRS

Brother activist,

Graduation Photo  

Dedication written at the back to Myrna

March 27, 1988

Myrna, my dear sister,

Your brother just finished his study of law.
But he has yet to continue the quest for justice.

Justice for all

Reuben was Like that  

retyped from the Lardizabal Newsletter, 1991

by Noemi Lardizabal-Dado

I told everyone to give in their articles on Reuben for the family newsletter. It wasn't easy for all of us to write about him. Vida couldn't write at all because she'd get sentimental. Writing about Reuben made Myrna cry. Reading your articles on him made me cry as well. It's but natural that we still feel the pain and thus share it among ourselves.

What I remember most of Reuben was his sincerity and thoughtfulness . On my birthday in 198s, he gave me a cute kid's umbrella which was yellow and matched with a yellow birthday card with a yellow record. It was funny and it was just like him. his last gift to me was Bohol's Peanut Kisseson the day I left for Manila on May 6. I was struck with his sincerity and earnestness.

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Those Last Days  

retyped from the Lardizabal Newsletter, 1991

By Myrna Lardizabal-de Vera

It's almost been a year since Ruben has passed on to another life and, still, I cannot fully grasp the reality of this. My earliest memories of life has always included my younger sibling brother and so, it is difficult to accept. It's like taking one's finger for granted. The hand functions perfectly with all five fingers...but when one is wounded or temporarily disabled, the hand can never be as skillful as it once was.  That is how I think of Ruben's death--a part of us is gone and it is with some grief and pain that we go on with our lives. Life will never be the same again...Frequently  Ruben comes alive again in my vivid life-like dreams. When I wake up, I have to remind myself that Ruben is no longer with us..and that he remains now, only a memory.

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The Man who held on to His dreams  

retyped from the Lardizabal Newsletter, 1991

BY Lorna Lardizabal-Dietz

I never thought it would this difficult to express my thoughts about Reuben, the man who would have been ---what? I suppress my anger, thinking what a waste!  He would have tiny ray of sunshine in a world where self-preservation reigned supreme. However, I cannot question the roulette of life and death. We cannot find clear answers as to why the people we love are taken away from us--- so suddenly, so senselessly!

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Ruben G'yud  

reprinted from the Lardizabal Newsletter, June 3, 1991

by Belen Lardizabal-Dofitas

There are too many stories to tell about Ruben. Maybe a few at a time will do...some of them you may already know. Memories of Ruben are very strong for me especially during our adolescence and my first years of marriage when I lived in Cebu for a year.  Ruben. for me , often elicited "Da uy, Ruben!" and other expressions of exasperation because he really was an unpredictable sort but in a funny , laughable way.  Naturally unconventional in terms of humour, he lived among people who wouldn't take him seriously or who thought he didn't have anything serious to say.

Ruben never seemd to run out of matter the disappointments, "oppression" from people who thought he couldn't fight back, and the pains of being neglected by persons who were supposed to be significant in his life.

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A Christmas greeting to Myrna and Manolet  

December 30, 1987

Myrna and Manolet,

Today is Rizal Day! Today marks the commemoration of the 91st death anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal. He died in a violent way.

Speaking of violence , your prayer of peace is very timely. 1987 was the year of violence, the list of violent events is long...Mendiola Massacre, AFP-Vigilante and NPA- Sparrow killings, Lean Alejandro murder, Dante-Balweg-Prudente ambush attempts, two P.A.L. airline crashes and passenger ship Doña Paz and oil tanker collision.

As we here pray and work for genuine and lasting PEACE BASED ON SOCIAL JUSTICE, we hope that the Filipinos abroad could exert effort to appeal to the American Public and the U.S. policy makers to STOP U.S. intervention in Philippine affairs so as to end the ward between brother Filipinos.

May the Christmas spirit of peace, love and joy be felt everyday by every Filipino and friends abroad!

Truth, Reason and Justice,
Reuben, Vida and Rafael

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