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Continuing the Struggle that Reuben Fought For  / Jing Pacturan   Read >>
Continuing the Struggle that Reuben Fought For  / Jing Pacturan
I have never met Reuben personally and have only known about him (e.g., his work with the workers and labor unions) thru NGO friends in Cebu. Having been given a great opportunity to be a father of his two sons Daniel and Rafael at their very young age of 1 and 2 1/2, respectively; the opportunity to know closely and be endeared with his siblings (especially Belen and Noemi and their respective families here in Manila) for the last 15 years that I have married VIda and fathered Pael and Daniel,  I'm sure Reuben is a great man as described by all who have loved and knew him.

The world and the Philippines may have changed and the context , the approaches and methodologies in effecting societal change have broadened, widened and diversified, but the basic struggle that Reuben fought for such as freedom and justice, especially the fight towards reducing poverty, good governance in state institutions, and the quest for peace and development in Mindanao and the Philippines in general, the struggle for human security, etc., remains essentially the same. Reuben did not die in vain. Many have continued to pursue the struggles he fought for. 

I'm doing my little share on my own in my NGO developmental work with small farmers and other marginalized sectors (e.g., women, Muslim communities, indigenous peoples, etc.) which Pael and Daniel are quiet aware of and understands very well. They are great young boys that I'm sure Reuben is very proud of!  Close
To a Good Guy !  / Nonie Mancao (Brod Pinoy '55 )  Read >>
To a Good Guy !  / Nonie Mancao (Brod Pinoy '55 )
Reuben was not only a good guy but a great peson as well. In UP High School, I remembered him to be the comic of the school and had always had that smile on his face. It seems like the guy never had a bad day. In Diliman, we became brods when I joined the Brotherhood of the Filipinos. Being Brods, now we had a bond. We had great times together, and what I probably miss about him has how he would always seem to know how to brighten your day.

He was a good person, will always be remembered !!! No guts no Glory Ben !!!

Nonie Close
June 11, 2006 is Father's Day  / Noemi Dado (sister)  Read >>
June 11, 2006 is Father's Day  / Noemi Dado (sister)
Even if Ruben (or Reuben as he called himself) died sixteen years ago, a connection still remains.  In special times like Ruben's death anniversary, I remember the love I have for my dear brother. Having experienced so many deaths in the family, I know now that grieving is a lifelong journey.  Grief is the price we pay for love.  I have learned to live without my dear brother knowing his memories are always alive in my heart. The pain of losing him has diminished over the years but there will always be twinges of sadness on the loss of a great man, father to Pael and Daniel, brother to us and husband to Vida.  I created this memorial website especially for  Pael and Daniel, my dear nephews who never got to know their biological father.  Pael was only 3 years old while Daniel a 3 week old infant when Ruben died of fulminant Hepatitis on June 10, 1990. Today, both boys are fortunate to have a loving father like Jing Pacturan who continues to guide them as his own . Close